Verskaffer: Buig Nevada

Bently Nevada TK-3E Proximity System Test Kit

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The TK-3E is part of Bently Nevada’s test kit series, designed to simulate shaft vibration and position for calibrating monitoring systems. It verifies the operational status of monitor readouts and the condition of proximity transducer systems.


  • Removable Spindle Micrometer Assembly: Used to check the transducer system and position monitor calibration.
  • Universal Probe Mount: Accommodates probe diameters from 5 mm to 19 mm (0.197 in to 0.75 in).
  • Motor-Driven Wobble Plate: Facilitates calibration of vibration monitors.
  • Comprehensive Testing Capability: Allows testing and verification of the entire measurement path, from probe tip to monitor indicators, relay contacts, and digital/analog interfaces.


  • Vibration Amplitude Range: 50 µm to 254 µm (2 to 10 mils) peak-to-peak.

  • Spindle Micrometer Range: 0 – 25.4 mm (0 – 1000 mils).

  • Kragvereistes: 95-125 Vac, 50/60 Hz, minimum 1A.